For those of you in the B2B market, WebTargetedTraffic’s native ads could be a great paid traffic source

. You can target people who have visited your website; target by contact or account; or by title, industry, demographics, or geography. Their options are a display ad, a sponsored post in people’s feeds, or InMail ads.

Published on: 8/29/21, 5:09 PM

Computer shortcut keys everyone should know... Learning and using keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time. Basic Shortcuts. Description, Windows, Mac OS.  In this guide, we'll list all the best keyboard shortcuts you can use to better navigate and utilize Windows 10 on your desktop or laptop.

Published on: 8/29/21, 5:00 PM

Businesses can do more with high quality traffic, even if there are fewer end users being sent to their properties. Simply put, a lot of money can be spent on low quality traffic, but you cannot formulate realistic goals. In the end, you can really do more with less. Keep your budget in mind when buying traffic and you will never have to settle on low quality sources.

Published on: 8/29/21, 4:37 PM

Chewing the same gum of strategy, a thousand times, doesn’t bring results.

Digital marketers and online business owners need to identify and implement effective marketing strategies for their brands. And even though they do their very best to reel in as many customers as they can, attaining a 100% retention or conversion rate is not possible.

It’s always been about reaching the target audience. And you’ve already invested a considerable amount of capital into your marketing approach- SEO, content creation, social media campaign, and whatnot- not to mention the time and effort you’ve spent to get people to visit your website. 

Published on: 8/3/21, 2:12 PM

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is an online marketing strategy whereby a firm serves ads to a customer on a social media or other external website that are related to the information the customer viewed earlier on the firm's own website.

The goal of most retargeting campaigns is to call on a prospective to take an action they did not take on their initial visit—known as a "call to action."

Published on: 8/3/21, 1:52 PM